The installation couples a number of computer games, controllers and physical artifacts into a self playing machine. The project expands upon Paidia Laboratory: Feedback realizing a Rube Goldberg machine that crosses boundaries of platforms, interfaces and genres, answering the question: How to sink the putt?

video documentation

installation set-up

How to sink the putt?
Plugging in the power connector (A) turns on robotic hand (B) which plays the Atari classic Decathlon hurdle game (C). As runner passes the finish line (D) light dependent resistor sends signal to solenoid (E) that presses a button on a game controller (F) which launches tortoise shell in Mario Kart killing Luigi (G) causing a black screen detected by light dependent resistor (H). Motor gets activated and coils up string that pulls mouse against hammer (J). Smashed mouse button clicks on Hyperlink (K) thereby sending a signal to Second Life having a giant mobile phone appear (L). Second Life avatar clicks on virtual mobile (M) causing text message to be sent to real mobile (N). Vibration of phone is detected by piezo sensor that activates solenoid which repeatedly presses a keyboard button (O) allowing a terrorist with a flashlight in the game Counter Strike to move forward (P). The light is detected by a light dependent resistor which causes a counter terrorist player to eliminate the terrorist (Q). The shot is detected by a piezo sensor (R) that activates a servo motor which opens a Play Station 2 CD tray (S), thereby a weight connected to a toy gun falls down (T). Gun shoots a wooden plank attached to remote control (U). Toy helicopter lifts off and pulls a mouse to the side (V) causing a virtual helicopter in the game Battlefield to go down (W). Crash is detected by light dependent resistor which turns on marble run that plays Winter Games bob sleight (X). Marble hits golf ball, golf ball hits Wii remote fixed with a rope to the ceiling (Y). Wii remote swings and sinks the putt in the Wii sports golf game (Z). If somebody gets shot by gun or electrified move away before cops arrive.

Rube-Goldberg-Lauf-der-Dinge-Electronic-Circuit-Feedback-Machine was shown at Next Level Conference 2011.

Participants: Björn Theis, Jonas Hansen, Karin Lingnau, Lasse Scherffig, Sebastian Thewes, Thomas Hawranke

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