We are

Association in liquidation / Verein in Auflösung

Due to the reduced activities as an association, we have decided to dissolve the association.

liquidators / LiquidatorInnen:

Jonas Hansen
Karin Lingnau

former members:

Björn Theis
Jonas Hansen
Karin Lingnau
Lasse Scherffig
Susanna Schoenberg
Tincuta Heinzel
Thomas Hawranke
Zilvinas Lilas


Johanna Steindorf
Sebastian Thewes


We are not a not a typical institution, PI operates as a place of convergence rather than a self-preserving shell. This adaptive architecture allows for the parallel strands braided from the individual interests and methodologies of our team members to freely interact and intersect with each other forming an on-going chain of composite events. For example, a conference could be held in conjunction with an exhibition, workshop could lead to a cookout and development of the project could spring a viable publication.

Due to its physical and ontological affinity, PI is closely associated with Kunsthochschule für Medien, Köln (Academy of Media Arts, Cologne).