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  • Two publications on Brain-Computer Gaming

    Following the four week workshop eNTERFACE’09 in Genova in 2009, two articles on gaming with the brain have been published. They are based on the game Bacteria Hunt that combines Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology with traditional (keyboard) input in an action game setting. Experiments with the game inquire the possibility of affecting the game world […]

  • New Book Covering Paidic Activities

    The Book “Code und Material: Exkursionen ins Undingliche” published by Springer Wien/New York and editied by Georg Trogemann covers scientific and art projects of Lab3, Laboratory for Experimental Computer Science. Included are projects and texts by Paidia Institute founding members Thomas Hawranke, Karin Lingnau,  Lasse Scherffig and Susanna Schoenberg. http://interface.khm.de/index.php/news/new-book-code-und-material/

  • Point&Click: Publication and Conference

    The workshop Point&Click generated a number of projects that deal with adventure games and online and offline worlds. The projects take the form of experiments, games and interventions. They are presented at the computer game conference “Next Level” on April, 20th-21st. In addition, a reader featuring the projects is in print. It can be obtained at the conference, a PDF can be found at: http://pixelsix.net/pointclick/