Workshop: Point and Click

The KHM, Academy of Media Arts hosts a workshop by Aram Bartholl dealing with adventure games and public space. The workshop is organized by Jonas Hansen and Lasse Scherffig, its results will be presented at the upcoming computer gaming conference “Next Level“.


During a four day workshop, the adventure game genre is analysed and strategies of applying its rules to public space are developed. What is the relation of classic street games such as „cops and robbers“ or „paper chase“ to the digital adventures of the computer game age? How did street games influence video games and how do pixel based games act back onto urban activities? How might a city-adventure look like which uses simple DIY means (pen, paper, stickers, text messages) but follows the rules of computer gaming?

The city as stage; the separation of daily routine and play is blurred. Characters, items and combinations: Let the games begin!

The results of the workshop will be shown at the computer game conference „Next Level“, April 20th-21st 2010 in Cologne.

Next Level Flyer

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