Paidia Laboratory: Feedback at Platine 2011

Paidia Institute will be part of the Platine 2011 (Cologne, August 15th-19th) with the Paidia Laboratory: Feedback.

„I was walking down Granville Street […] and I was looking into one of the video arcades. I could see in the physical intensity of their postures how rapt the kids inside were. It was like one of those closed systems out of a Pynchon novel: a feedback loop with photons coming off the screens into the kids’ eyes, neurons moving through their bodies, and electrons moving through the video game.“
William Gibson, author of “Neuromancer” und inventor of the term Cyberspace

Feedback is a mechanism, process or signal that is looped back to control a system within itself. In systems containing an input and output, feeding back part of the output so as to increase the input is positive feedback (regeneration); feeding back part of the output in such a way as to partially oppose the input is negative feedback (degeneration).

Paidia Laboratory examines computer games as closed feedback systems. In series of artistic experiments the feedback behaviour of games will be studied and put in new correlations through modifications of hardware and software. The focus lays not on the usability of games, but rather to determine their limits and boundaries to understand the media specific characteristics of games.

The results of the laboratory will be presented at Platine 2011: