Keynote at Artist in Industry, Bucharest


Between November 1-2, 2012, Zilvinas Lilas was keynote speaker in the frame of Artists in Industry, the International Conference on The Role of Design in the Digital Age, which took place at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, Romania. Zilvinas Lilas spoke of the Role of Academic Sector Enhancing Cultural and Creative Industries.

The conference put into discussion the relationship that exists between design, industry and economy, and between design and technology in order to produce a critical analysis of notions like “made in” or the newest “designed in/designed by”, “sustainable design”, “open source design”, “collaborative process design”.

Living in today’s digital age and facing the problems related to worldwide financial and economic crisis, questions related to the status of art and design are resurfacing in various forms. The conference addressed the following questions:
– In which way the digitalization has an impact on the process of design and production?
– What was the role of the artist/designer in the industrial society (being that liberal or socialist) and how does it compare to its present status?
– Can the definitions of consumer and user still be informative in the context of a digital economy?
– What were the design’s challenges in the industrial age and which are the challenges it faces in a digital economy?

Initiated in 2011 by 2580 Association (Cluj) with the financial support of AFCN – National Administration of Romanian Cultural Fund, Artists in Industry project is a platform which aims to encourage design theory and design research in Eastern Europe. For more details see: