Radio Signal Strength Sensor


M. Howse detektor
Rotation compass

LSM303 Arduino Library @Github
info @watterott

Kinect Hacks Resource Site
RGB demo (3D scanner)
Matherix 3Dify (3D scanner)
ReconstructMe (3D scanner)
Brekel (MoCap & 3D scanner)
Packet Radio Decoder Software

acarsd, ACARS decoder
AISMon, AIS demodulator/decoder
APTDecoder, decoder for Automatic Picture Transmission satellite images

Winradio 305e, a Software Defined Radio receiver

Virtual Audio Cable, for relaying audio signals (is there an open source solution?)

Tune to: 
ACARS: 131.725 MHz (Europe, primary), 131.525 MHz (secondary)
AIS: 161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz

Youtube: The Invisible Battleground. Radio Interference

More Software

Stellarium (incl. orbital elements for satellite position prediction and satellite radio frequency info)

JDDE, access DDE (which for some reason is the de facto standard format for communication between ACARS tools) from Java (and thus also Processing)

We have one HF stick that should also work for freqs. above 160 MHz

Building a dipole antenna, e.g. for the marine band: 
a guide, a video

Our makeshift
AIS antenna
(~162 MHz)
Ultrasound Sensor

Parallax PING)))
SD-Card Data Logging Shields

Adafruit Data logging shield
SD/ Micro SD Card breakout module
Image-based 3D modeling Scan Software


A Processing Sketch using a thread that waits for ACARS messages received from acarsd (using JDDE), parses the message for the airplane registration ID and downloads an image of that plane.
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